The main purpose of Sciforum Pakistan is to serve the humanity by using biotechnology. Our struggle aims to explore recent issues related to life sciences. Members of Sciforum are young, energetic and loyal to their mother land Pakistan. They are performing their duties at different sectors for serving Pakistan at different levels. Sciforum is serving Pakistan by providing knowledge related to national and international scholarships,Jobs and biological issues. Our aim is to strengthen Pakistan in the field of Biotechnology. For joining us, you have to use your yahoo mail address and proper reference (reference is essential for proving physical existence of member).


Sciforum has developed due to efforts of Mr.Syed Kashif Nawaz in March 2002 in Department of Zoology university of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan.At that time, it was essential to improve communication between persons related to biological research. For quenching the thirst of communication between young scientists,Sciforum moved ahead and took responcibility with limited number of members. The first chief co-ordinator and President was Mr.Syed Kashif Nawaz for one year.Then Mr.Noman Bin Abid (M.Sc Zoology) acted as President for six months.After Noman Bin Abid resignation due to his personal problems, Mr.Haroon Hameed (M.Sc Zoology) was selected as it's President till April 2005.After Mr.Haroon Hameed, Mr.Kausar Husain Shah was choosen as President Sciforum who performed his duties.  After his resignation, Mr.Aftab Ahmad Chatha served as Acting President and after completion of selection criteria he was choosen as President for one year.Considering his services to scientific community, his period as president was extended to three years. During this period Syed Kashif Nawaz served SCIFORUM Pakistan as chief coordinator. On March 2010, Afab Ahmad Chattha was chosen as chief coordinator and Mr. Faiz Ahmad Raza as president of SCIFORUM Pakistan. Selection procedure was completed under the transparent supervision of Syed Kashif Nawaz. Due to personal responsibilities, Faiz Ahmad Raza resigned in March 2011. Considering the efforts and experience, Ms. Sidra Saeed was promoted as President SCIFORUM Pakista (She was already working as vice president). She has completed her M. Phil from Quaid Azam University Islamabad in Biotechnology. Mr. Qasim has been promoted as vice president SCIFORUM PAKISTAN.


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